Vasily Papin. "Chess for Peace". Angola.

23 января 2018



 2018 is the election year of the Presidents to the Russian Chess Federation (RCF), Russian Federation (RF), International Chess Federation (FIDE). 


And only one person will participate in two election campaigns – Russian Chess Federation and International Chess Federation. His name is Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who is a current FIDE President since 1995 and whose main aim is popularisation and development of chess.  


To complete this task Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has created a Charity Fondation ‘Chess for Peace’. He did it without any fuss and advertisement provided various forms of assistance including personnel, help to the regions, where chess is still the world of magic and fantasy.


Following GM Nikolay Chadaev who was sent by the Foundation to the South Africa (Botswana), I was directed to the Central part of it - Angola.


From Moscow to Paris, then direct flight till the final destination.



The ‘4th of February’ Airport.



Luanda, the capital of Angola. The city is beautiful and unique in its own way.



The city which preserves the monuments of history and culture that even standing on the sidelines of life.



The story is great and a man is just a grain of sand in it.



Luanda has many faces. Looking to the future, live in the present without forgetting about the past.



Early morning. The city is still sleeping.



Woke up. The sea of happy people,



And mountains of sweet and juicy pineapples.



Street mini-poultry farm. Chickens lay eggs that immediately sell.



All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.



They have their exits and their entrances;



And one man in his time plays many parts (c)




The building where the Chess Federation of Angola is situated.



Tito Martins – the President of the Chess Federation of Angola. 



And here Tito Martins in real life, in an informal setting. With unlimited sense of humor, great power of fascination and inexhaustible love of chess.



The power of a leader in his deputy, whose name is Antonio Assis, Vice-president of the Chess Federation of Angola.



The Plans have been drawn up, the objectives are defined…



Training with coaches,



With the national team,



With juniors. In December David Silva has become Africa U20 Champion, and Esperanca Caxita – Africa U20 Vice Champion.



There are chess schools in Luanda,



Where playing restless boys and girls together with their parents.



Moreover, they are not studying under the whiplash, but with great desire and diligence. 



This is one of the school that was founded and organized by Eriksson Soares, the Champion of Angola in recent past.



This is a chess academy.



Chess fields,



Football field



And a pool.



Viktor Marceliano, director of the sport club of Macovi.



The number of players prevails the number of chess fields.



Who doesn’t have place in the hall, finds it in the yard.



Who hasn’t found in the yard, going out to the streets.



Who feels hot outside, those are moving under the umbrellas.



Unlimited match. It means without clocks, sleep and rest.



The modern history of Angola focused in the historical museum of Fortress of Sao Miguel.



Freedom and independence is conquering.



And, of course, not with bare hands.



The tournament dedicated to the Independence Day is always a big holiday for all chess lovers.



Especially for the winners



And nominees.



For juniors



And beautiful.



Those who are not among the winners – do not feel down. There are more tournaments ahead, and also the chances.



And while all laurels and everything that goes with it – to the winner!



The tournament is over.



That’s it. The tables are empty, the hall is empty. No desire to leave it…




But the life goes on.




New meetings ahead,



New lessons,



And new friends!


Gens una sumus!

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